Does this sound familiar? You are riding to the movies with your spouse and his cell phone rings. When he looks at the number, he does not answer it.  The caller hangs up quickly. Several nights a week, your mate comes home late. Your time together seems so distant, and he’s often distracted. Are you just crazy? Is your imagination getting the best of you? What if he’s having an affair? Will you know what to do and when? And where do you begin? So many questions run through your mind. And now you are scared to face the future.

Written by a successful experienced private investigator Bill Mitchell who has solved in excess of two thousand infidelity cases, The More You Know is the complete guide to recognizing, uncovering, and surviving a cheating boyfriend or mate. The author begins by identifying the relationships most susceptible to infidelity. Next, he makes you aware of the many signs of infidelity that typically confirms an affair. You'll learn how to evaluate your mate's behavior, discover when and where rendezvous occur, and how to increase your awareness of suspicious behavior. And more significantly how to turn the crisis around!

The author teaches you how to glean valuable evidence - without "tipping off your partner or spouse. From bank records to phone bills, computer records to mileage on the car, all the evidence is there. The author simply teaches you proven techniques for collection and documentation of what you find.

Further, if you need a reputable private investigator, Bill Mitchell, a veteran private investigator himself, shows you how to avoid the many pitfalls often made by others. The More You Know contains an exhaustive reference guide of US state agencies to verify their credentials. Bill's comprehensive and purposeful resource, includes a detailed interviewing/hiring checklist, streamlines the hiring process, eliminates those costly mistakes, and steers you toward the best investigator for your situation. With Bill's help you can be confident in your choice of investigative options. [This one chapter alone could save you, literally, hundreds to thousands of dollars!]

Finally, The More You Know provides a revealing questionnaire that rules out any doubt where you stand in your relationship. After completing this section, it will be very clear if your partner is faithful or not. Based upon endless proven cases, Bill Mitchell undoubtedly understand from "real world" investigations if a relationship is in trouble. He designed this vital questionnaire to help you discover, identify and assess the condition of your  relationship. And whether or not it's time to find out the whole truth!

The author wraps up with ten vital steps to give you much-needed emotional assistance so you’ll face this crisis with a balanced outlook.

The betrayal of adultery is nothing short of a fatality. This heart-wrenching experience leaves victims feeling hopeless and helpless. If you suspect your partner has betrayed you, it is time for action. If you want to take back control and be empowered, it's time to ACT not retreat! Uncover the facts and let truth finally free you from this betrayal. The More You Know is filled with no-nonsense advice, priceless  insights, and all the encouragement you need to take put an end to adultery.

Until now, no one has created a comparable resource to guide  you from suspicion to evidence. Using four decades of investigative experience,  author and veteran private investigator Bill Mitchell, created this book just  for YOU. His book, The More You Know deals with adultery compassionately, yet helps  to clear the air of deception, once and for all!

Bill Mitchell's practical, in-depth approach to discovering proof of adultery is a resource used by counselors, lawyers, clergy, and private investigators. It is a "Best Seller" to private investigator several years running by a worldwide investigative clearinghouse.

This "must read" guide enlightens singles and couples contemplating marriage.

The author, a veteran PI himself and frequent guest on network TV, includes a step-by-step guide to hiring a  PI. It will ensure your prospect understands you are a qualified, reputable investigator that will ultimately save your prospect/client time and money in the process. This book:

Ideal for Individuals, Private Investigators, Attorneys, Paralegals, Clergy, Educators, Social Workers, Therapists, and Counselors.

The author, a veteran PI himself and frequent guest on network TV, includes a step-by-step guide to hiring a PI. It will ensure your prospect understands you are a qualified, reputable investigator that will ultimately save them time and money in the process.

How professionals use this outstanding and unique training tool:

To train new recruits, newly licensed investigators and legal staff.

To improve your techiques and strategies eliminating commonly made mistakes.

Improve successes with assignments and quickly improve results.

To give away and create a sense of "good will" with lawyers and clientele.

To understand the complexities of handling domestic relations cases.

To gain a better appreciation for victims who need support and sound advice.

To avoid common pitfalls inheritant in Family Law cases.

To grow your Family Law practice and reputation for excellence.

To improve client relations, expectations and get them closure.

Not only is The More You Know a complete guide for recognizing, uncovering, and surviving a cheating spouse or partner, it’s a great book to give to potential clients!







THE MORE YOU KNOW - Getting the evidence and support you need to investigate a troubled relationship

Is your partner cheating on you?

Any form of adultery puts your life on hold and your finances at risk. Whether your partner is starting to wander off or involved in a full-blown affair, you need to know and know NOW, so that you can make choices that are right for YOU.

From finding out to following through, The More You Know is a highly practical and comprehensive guide to getting the proof you need and using it to YOUR advantage.

If you’re living with the pain of not knowing, author Bill Mitchell, a licensed private investigator, gives you smart, proven steps to immediately take charge of the situation and take control of your life.





You will learn

The Legal definition of "adultery" and what necessary to win your case in court.

What relationships are MOST at risk and vulernable to adultery.

Warning signs you MUST recognize! Supported by case valuable studies.

How others discerned an affair and what you can learn from their lives.

Sure-fire steps that get the essential PROOF and methods that work.

Ten powerful ways to effectively use the “element of surprise” to your advantage.

When, how and why to hire a private investigator to win your case.

How to select the BEST private investigator for your situation by eliminating the widespread risks.

Which occupations are most susceptible to infidelity.

What actions you must do to circumvent a financial crisis!

Why "victim denial" is so extremely common and how this reaction delays any hope of closure.

How to gain control in as a little as seven days!

From a powerful questionnaire that conclusively settles the nagging question, “Is my partner cheating on me?”

Selective tips,insights and information savings due to cost reactions and choices.

If it's too late to investigate.

So much more ……

The author also provides detailed guidelines for gathering evidence - without alerting your spouse to your investigation. From bank records to phone bills, computer records to mileage on the car, all the evidence is there. The author simply teaches proven tech-niques for collection and documentation to help the investigator and their own case.



“There’s a reason why Bill Mitchell is called the “Dr. Phil of private detectives. Not only does he have a wealth of experience as an investigator in the private sector but he has a degree in psychology. It shows throughout his book, The More You Know.”

While reviewing this book for private investigators Mr. Johson stated “This is a book you (private investigators) can hand out to the distraught wife who has come to your office as the victim of an adulterous affair. I wish I had Bill Mitchell’s book when I started my agency in 1990’s. “


Don C. Johnson, Editor, PI Magazine



"This well written book gives you direction when you have experienced the ultimate betrayal - adultery! If your partner's behavior hoists a red flag, read this book!"
Highly Recommended!, March 2, 2006

- Larry James
Scottsdale, AZ USA

"If you want to know how to get the evidence you need to investigate your relationship, then you surely want to check out Bill Mitchell's new book, The More You Know.”

- June Safty Odegard, LCPC
Relationship Pre-Engagement Strategist

“To live entangled in lies and deception consumes our energy and well being. Bill Mitchell in his new book, The More You Know, provides a valuable service by conveying the importance of seeking the truth. Bill uses his background as a detective to give you this gift.”

- Dr. Robert Huizenga

The exact information at the perfect time, October 21, 2005.
"I was given this book by Bill himself at the time I became a client. He suggested that there would be some helpful info in this book. That was an understatement to say the least. The information in this book is so "spot on" and specific that I could barely believe it as I was reading. It was as if it were written specifically for me. This should be required reading for anyone with a hint of doubt about his partner and will be very interesting, simply as information, for anyone else. Two thumbs up!"

- Jim H. South Carolina

“Q: Can you recommend any good book for helping me to determine if my spouse is involved in an affair? A: Yes, The More You Know by William F. Mitchell, Jr.”

- Gitlin, Haaff & Kasper
Woodstock, Il

“I recommend this book to my clients who suspect their spouses of infidelity. I keep copies in my waiting room and clients have found them informative and helpful.”

- Harvey C. Shapiro, Esquire
Matrimonial Attorney, Binghamton, NY

“I’ve been a divorce lawyer forty years and know what’s for real and what isn’t. Bill Mitchell’s book is on the money. It’s credible, accurate and very much for real. Mitchell is a true pro and it shows. His ethics and integrity shine through on each and every page.”

- J. Richard Kulerski, Attorney at Law
Oak Brook, IL

“William F. Mitchell, Jr. is one of the most outstanding investigators in America today. He learned from the best, his father, William F. Mitchell, Sr., a former FBI Agent and close friend and confidante of mine. This book is a help to everyone in their every day life. It furnishes knowledge beyond just those experiencing this dilemma.”

- Ted Gunderson, Sr.
Special Agent in Charge of Los Angeles-FBI retired,
author How To Locate Anyone Without Leaving Home EP Dutton,
1989 (28 years with the FBI and 50 years as an investigator), lecturer and journalist, Beverly Hills, California

“Licensed private investigator Bill Mitchell, also known as "The 7-Day Detective" for his ability to garner crucial information in a single week, The More You Know: Getting the Evidence and Support You Need to Investigate a Troubled Relationship is a straightforward guide for individuals, investigators, attorneys, clergy, and counselors - anyone who needs to know right away whether a spouse is cheating. Chapters cover the eight telltale signs of adultery, how to obtain proof of infidelity which can be used in a court of law and can influence asset and custody settlements, and how to pick up the pieces of one's life and move on. An absolute "must-have" for anyone concerned that their relationship may be at risk.”

- Midwest Book Review
(Oregon, WI USA)

”If you have doubts about your spouse's fidelity and want answers quickly, the book will give you good, practical advice on what you should do, which includes various ways to go beyond suspicions to getting proof.

Before I read this book, I hadn't recommended clients hire a private detective if cheating was suspected. We used therapy techniques that often eventually exposed adultery. However, I now see the advantage of hiring someone like Bill Mitchell.

If you do hire a professional investigator, you may not find evidence of your spouse's cheating in a week, which is the amount of time Bill is often able to gather the necessary proof. Nevertheless, even if you don't choose to hire a professional, a person trained in surveillance can at least guide you in what you can do on your own. To help you find an investigator, the book includes a list of state agencies that license private investigators, for you wouldn't want to use one who wasn't licensed.

Setting out on the path of checking on a wayward spouse is painful. But it's not any less painful than not knowing the truth, for lies we tell and lies we believe too often destroy relationships beyond the point of repair. The truth may seem harsh if it is not what we want to know, but it's also liberating.”

- Arlene F. Harder, MA, MFT
Altadena, CA